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How to Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaner?


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Furniture frequently sustains significant damage. It is likely used frequently, and if there are kids or dogs in the house, it might soon wear out or get dirty. You probably try your best to maintain it clean and in good condition, but eventually, you might think about hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service because of the wear and tear of everyday use. There are a few things you can learn in advance to make the process simpler whether you’ve never hired an upholstery cleaner before or if you’ve only done it a few times so that you can get your carpets cleaned quickly and effectively. Your carpets will look fantastic and maintain that appearance for a long time if you work with the correct upholstery cleaning company. Before hiring a carpet cleaner, you need absolutely have some knowledge of what you are doing because not all carpet cleaners are created equal. The time and money invested in this may be worthwhile, but we’ve provided some useful advice below so you’ll know when it’s appropriate to use a service like this.


Always inquire about the carpet cleaning techniques used by potential upholstery cleaners while searching for one. This can reveal a lot about the company’s level of excellence because the more services they do, the more probable it is that they will employ specialized techniques to properly clean your carpet. Since truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment is more powerful and will effectively clean your carpets, the best cleaning company will typically use it. You may hear about steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning.

Price per Square Foot vs. Price per Room

Most upholstery cleaners will give you an estimate based on the number of rooms or square feet. Because there are various ways to determine how big a room is, you should exercise caution when dealing with persons who advertise by room as you can end up spending more than you anticipated. Typically, the simplest way to determine the cost is to know how many square feet your carpet is. The amount that a company costs can vary greatly, but there hasn’t been any evidence that a higher price corresponds to better cleaning. Actually, there is a good chance that a cheap firm will provide a high-quality cleaning.


Make sure the carpet cleaning business you choose is covered by insurance before you engage them. Accidents might occur, and you want to be sure that the business is ready for the worst. A business that lacks the appropriate insurance may also lack the appropriate licenses and provide subpar work. Having insurance and licenses demonstrates that the business takes its operations seriously and is committed to doing the job well.


It is okay to request references from a cleaning prior to employing them. If they refuse to provide references, it can be an indication that they lack experience or haven’t produced quality work in the past. If you don’t want to ask for references, you can instead look online to see if the business has received positive feedback from review sites. Be sure to read what others have to say because sometimes people will leave negative reviews because they had erroneous expectations.

Fortunately, there are techniques to reduce the likelihood that something will go wrong when you hire upholstery cleaners. It’s just a matter of doing a little research before deciding, which is a rather simple process. Here is a quick checklist of things to look at for each business you are considering.

  • Learn how long the firm has been operating. While a shorter period of operation shouldn’t automatically rule out an upholstery cleaning service (everyone starts somewhere), it is important to ascertain the company’s level of experience. You don’t want to choose a fly-by-night outfit that would clean your chair today but close its doors the following week. Find out what experience the owner and workers had before starting the business, and go online for reviews and testimonials if the company you’re contemplating hasn’t been established for more than a year or two.
  • Find out what tools and cleaning agents they employ. Systems and tools for cleaning upholstery come in different shapes and sizes. By checking their website, you should be able to reasonably quickly establish which sort your potential carpet cleaner employs. It can be a red flag if they don’t have a website. If the information you need isn’t immediately available on the website, the owner or agent should promptly respond to your inquiry.
  • How are you treated by the employees of the company? Even if a business meets all the aforementioned requirements, you should still ensure that they will treat you with decency and regard. Do they respond to your calls or emails from the business within a fair amount of time? Are they cordial and polite? Do they provide truthful responses to your queries? If the business passes this last evaluation, you’ve undoubtedly found a keeper.

Hiring a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Company

The most difficult element of the project is hiring your cleaning; you don’t want the expert to make a mistake on your favorite furniture pieces. Determine the following before you begin working with a cleaner:

  • Ensure that everything is in its proper place, including the furnishings and cleaning requirements.
  • Be sure to come to an agreement on the starting price, your spending strategy, and any warranties before the job start.
  • Before signing any agreements, pay particular attention to any extras or add-ons so that you can maintain correct records.

Make sure to document your upholstery project.

Once everything has been agreed upon in writing, you will receive a receipt for the job that includes all the information. Keep tabs on the job’s development to make sure everything is being cleaned as promised and within the allotted time. They might have overlooked something or not cleaned a piece completely when you look back. Make contact with your cleaner and describe the issue so the business can fix it.

When Your Upholstery Cleaning Company Is Done

Check the list again after the professional cleaner is done to make sure they didn’t miss anything. If you are satisfied with the work, complete all the papers and make the payment. If everything went smoothly and you’re happy with the finished product, you may make a recommendation or write a review.

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