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Professional cleaning services for disinfecting and sanitizing your house



Cleaning surfaces in your home on a regular basis helps stop the spread of pathogens like norovirus, Shigella, and Giardia that can make you sick. Cleaning surfaces in your home helps you and your family stay healthy by getting rid of bacteria, grime, and other contaminants. Unless there are ill people in your home, sanitizing or cleaning is probably not necessary to prevent the spread of disease there. Any leftover germs on surfaces are killed by disinfecting using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) List N disinfectants, greatly lowering the danger of an infection spreading.

When we go shopping for necessities like food or medical supplies, we constantly touch things and spread the diseases that people have left behind. Because those who get the virus could not exhibit symptoms for days, it’s possible that they unwittingly transfer it to every surface they touch and location they go to. We risk spreading the germs we pick up from contaminated surfaces to our homes, where we and our families could become ill. COVID-19. The fastest and most efficient way to immediately disinfect our house or office and ensure a safe atmosphere for our family members and employees is to use professional sanitizing and disinfection services.

Clean Process

You typically rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, right? Although rinsing them makes it simpler for the dishwasher to do its work and disinfect them, it does not make them fit for use again. Similar to washing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, traditional cleaning services. Although they have been cleared out, they are not yet prepared to return to the cabinet. We use the dishwasher because it thoroughly cleans the plates by disinfecting and getting rid of any leftover food germs. That is the CLEAN procedure; we go a step further than standard cleaning services to eliminate bacteria and give you a germ-free workspace.

Clean Regularly and Clean First

To ensure that you get rid of the majority of germs from surfaces in your home, cleaning is a crucial first step. Cleaning surfaces in your home with products that contain soap or detergent will get rid of dirt and germs and lower the risk of infection. Most dangerous viruses or bacteria can be removed from surfaces by cleaning alone. Prior to applying sanitizers or disinfectants, surfaces should be cleansed since contaminants like dirt may make it more difficult for the chemicals to penetrate and eradicate germs. After cleaning, sanitizing helps to limit the number of germs on surfaces. Viruses and bacteria that have remained on surfaces after cleaning can be killed by disinfecting. Disinfecting a surface after washing reduces the likelihood of disease transmission even further. However, unless someone in your home is ill or a sick person has recently visited, you most likely do not need to sterilize or disinfect for general cleaning.

Take extra care while using cleansers, disinfectants, and sanitizers

Chemical sanitizers and disinfectants are necessary to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, but they can be dangerous to children, especially if they are concentrated.

  • Products must be kept out of children’s reach and in their original, labeled packaging.
  • Spray bottles containing diluted sanitizers and disinfectants must be clearly labeled and kept out of children’s reach.
  • When children are nearby, solutions shouldn’t be sprayed in order to prevent inhalation and from exposing skin and eyes.
  • Read the product label and the manufacturer’s material safety data sheet before utilizing any chemicals.


When and How to Use Disinfectants Safely


When someone is ill or when someone has a compromised immune system and is more likely to get sick, disinfect your home in addition to cleaning it (for example, people being treated with immune-suppressing drugs for cancer, organ transplants, or other illnesses, or people with HIV or genetic conditions that affect the immune system).


First, use soap and water to clean the surface. Always check the label of cleaning supplies to ensure they may be used on the kind of surface you are cleaning (such as a hard or soft surface). When using chemical disinfectants, remember to abide by these crucial safety precautions:

  • To guarantee safe and efficient usage as well as safe disposal, always read and abide by the instructions on the label of disinfection goods.
  • To guard against potential splashes, put on the required protective gear (such as gloves or goggles).
  • Give the disinfectant enough time to kill the bacteria on the surface. The term “touch time” refers to this.
  • The contact time is indicated in the directions. To ensure that germs are eliminated, the surface must remain wet throughout the whole contact period.
  • If utilizing items inside, make sure there is adequate ventilation (for example, use a fan or open windows and doors to allow fresh air to enter).
  • Use room-temperature water if the product’s instructions call for dilution with water (unless the label says otherwise).
  • Diluted cleaning or disinfection solutions should be labeled.
  • Avoid applying disinfection products directly to your skin, eating, drinking, breathing them in, or injecting them into your body. These goods may seriously hurt consumers.

You need a cleaning company that specializes in environmentally friendly cleaning.

Given that Cleaning Service by Brian offers business green cleaning services, that can come seen as self-serving. But in reality, you should employ a green cleaner regardless of the janitorial service you choose. Additionally, it must be accredited. All cleaning services will claim to be environmentally friendly, but claiming to be green doesn’t mean much if you haven’t received the necessary training and certification. Since you’re cleaning more frequently than ever, you want the cleaning supplies you use at the office to be secured. Numerous cleaning agents are harmful and harsh on the body, and many are carcinogenic. You don’t want to be working in an environment where the cleaning products are overwhelming you and your crew and are steadily making you and them ill, giving you headaches.

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